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Medium stifness

Rear lower suspension arm for XB9 made from super-tough high-tech composite material. Smart, universal design allows the same front arm to be used on both left and right sides.

The suspension arms are based on the 808 platform design, along with changes that are the result of long-term tests of different designs and layouts. Length, thickness, flexibility, geometry of suspension points and materials used… these are all the concepts and details that had to be thoroughly reviewed to create the optimum suspension arms. The intelligent design allows for the very quick & easy addition of mud protectors.

The arm features two different rear anti-roll bar positions, as well as new optimized shock position and two different holes to allow the arms to mount as “short“ or “long“ arms.

Based on excessive knowledge gained from previous XB8 and 808 cars, several different suspension arm designs were tested in both virtual reality and in-car to find the final best design. The exclusive composite mixture used for suspension arms is a perfect balance between reliability and performance. The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough to survive extra-long main events.