XB4C 2024 – 1/10 4WD Electric Off-Road Buggy Kit – Carpet Edition

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XRAY XB4’24 New Features:

  • Redesigned chassis offers short and long configurations to adjust wheelbase and weight balance to match any track conditions
  • Front & Rear LSM arms in Medium composite provide better crash durability and are suitable for all conditions
  • Steering Blocks & C-hubs are also moulded from new medium composite hardness for extra reliability and crash resistance
  • New rear uprights feature lowered roll center positions to improve stability and reduce suspension collapse in high speed corners
  • All-new big bore 13.2mm shock design features new shock bodies, 2.0 and 2.5mm piston choices, shock caps, nuts and shock shafts.
  • The 13.2mm shocks use a new X-ring design for improved seal without excess friction for improved shock operation
  • New conical springs have been selected to work with the new 13.2mm shock package
  • Front shock tower with wider positions increases the set-up adjustment range for different track conditions
  • The rear shock tower with lowered shock positions improves roll characteristics and increases cornering speed
  • Redesigned side guards reinforce the rear section of the chassis
  • Front and rear differentials at XB4C use steel satellite gears for improved efficiency and increased lifespan
  • New ‘Lush’ rear wing with significantly increased lifespan improves airflow and maintains chassis attitude over large jumps while improving traction in all conditions
  • 30mm Fan Holder for additional ventilation