XB8 Comp. Semi-Split Diff Bulkhead Block Set Front/Rear – V3

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Front & rear bulkheads feature a Semi-Split design for easy diff access while adding the valuable diff height adjustment.

Reinforced V3 front and rear bulkheads were updated for added strength to ensure higher reliability and to improve the seal between the main bulkhead and cover plate. The revised bearing inserts also feature improved dust resistance and prevent debris from entering the bulkhead assemblies while offering the valuable differential height adjustment.

The bulkhead design uses a bushing for the gearbox input to alter the alignment and height of the bevel drive gear with the diff height. In addition to matching the diff height adjustments, this input bushing also allows the front central driveshaft to operate with a reduced angle for less friction and wear on the CV joint components and improved driveline efficiency.

The bulkheads allow fast and easy differential access for setup changes or servicing by removing only 4 screws from the upper gear box cover while the lower section remains mounted to the chassis with the lower arms and suspension holders installed.

The bulkhead will fit both front and rear part of the car.