XB8 Fuel Tank 125cc With Floating Filter & Transient Jet

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Extra-strong fuel tank with integrated floating stone filter ensures that the fuel pickup will always be in the correct orientation even when the car isn’t. This new fuel pickup system will allow fuel to continue to flow to your engine, even while the inverted car awaits righting.

Internal baffles ensure that the fuel will always be in the area around the intake, so even in large jumps the fuel will be constantly supplied to the engine. The fuel tank is molded from a special composite mixture that ensures very high reliability and rigidity. Gluing of the tank pieces is performed by a special self-developed robotic system that ensures maximum accuracy and precision in pre-heating and gluing.

The fuel tank cap features a very strong spring which ensures the cap will always close after refueling, and the specially-designed rubber seal perfectly seals the fuel tank and ensures no fuel will leak outside.

Molded-in splashguard protects the brakes from fuel spillage. The tank is mounted with rubber grommets to absorb vibration, and small composite holders secure thick 5.5mm silicone fuel tubing.